Monday, July 18, 2011

The Challenge

I rediscovered something I wrote the last day of 1986.  It was simply written on a sheet from a legal pad, but it challenged me again.  We need to be challenged regularly to be about our Father's business.  Remember, we are only pilgrims and strangers here.  So, let your roots be in heaven, but share your fruit with the world.

Pray until God gives a burning vision of the work He has called you to.  Don’t spend any more idle time, but know the direction He sends you and pour out yourself into that work and calling.  Reevaluate your priorities in light of God’s direction.  Don’t allow the urgent (things that demand your attention now) to come before what is important.
            Always remember that to successfully do any of the above, you must seek Him first, above all.  Only then can you receive the vision and successfully fulfill it by changing priorities.  This is a simple answer to every problem – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”.  Long for Him, His presence and anointing.  All your gifts and talents and ideas are worthless without His touch, His blessing, His anointing.
            Temporal things will try to rule your mind, but you must carefully feed on Him; meditating on His Word day and night.  Then, be bold to allow His life within you to flow out.  Only as you seek Him continually will this happen.  It must be a day by day, moment by moment decision to put Him above all.  Ask His guidance in big decisions, small decisions, purchases you wish to make, deeds you wish to do, and in everything.  Think less of self and more of others and God’s Kingdom.

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